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Three Ways To Make Wood Pallet blocks

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There are always discussions between clients and us on how to save the costs of making wooden pallets.One of the discussions is on how to make wooden pallet blocks economically.

Here we offer three ways according to the machines we have.

1. Solid pallet blocks

real wood blocks.png 

For this method,we can serve multiple blades rip saw machine and wood beams cut off saw to make it in a high efficient way.But the costs of raw material,machines and labor make the final pallet blocks a little higher than the another two ways.

Link of multiple blades rip saw:

Links of woods cut-off saw machine:

2. Wood sawdust/shavings/chips compressed pallet blocks

compressed blocks.jpg 

For this method,we have manual production line and automatic production line for your choice.The raw material is easy to get,you can crush the wood wastes or just buy sawdust to make this kind of blocks.The quality of compressed sawdust blocks is very good and the total costs is lower than solid pallet blocks.

Links of sawdust pallet block making machine:

3. Waste-plywood pallet blocks

plywood blocks1.jpg

For this method,you can buy some waste plywood as raw material.It’s cheap in the market.Then use a plywood cutting machine to cut them into strips.Finally use a plywood nailing and cutting machine to make the final step.

Links of plywood cutting and nailing machine:

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