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The differ of sawdust blocks and real wood blocks

Author:2017/3/27 10:39:06    Time:2017/3/27 10:39:06    Popularity:0

Wood Blocks is gradually developed new products in the production practice instead of solid wood feet pier, in the traditional packing and shipping industry, solid wood feet pier is more common to use, but the emergence of the wood blocks greatly changed the production, and its reason mainly because of the inherent product advantages of the wood blocks.

Wood blocks are the products that cut in the production of wood processing planer down scrap to integration, the use of high temperature and high pressure in the process of production process such as pier foot.Compared with the traditional solid wood feet pier, shavings pier is full and reasonable use of timber, above the cost of production has a great save space.Especially in solid wood increasingly precious present, the production and application of shavings pier is arguably alleviate many of the production of the above problems.In terms of practical value, the shavings block because the production process of high temperature and high pressure, make the product hardness and strength above show excellent properties.

Tray feet piers are widely used in the production reality wooden tray, fumigation-free pallet and all kinds of packing.With reference to the European and American countries experience, after high temperature extrusion forming, is existing log block, block of wood foot, foot foot pier upgrade replacement products.Product surface is smooth, waterproof is better than the previous product, low expansion coefficient, bubble water two weeks without deformation.Bearing strength, the power that grasp a hammer, formaldehyde content standard tested completely. Can completely replace the laminated pier pier and solid wood foot, foot fumigation-free,avoid heat treatment.


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