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Wood Pallets VS Plastic Pallets

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    Pallets are a part of our everyday lives whether we realize it or not. Look around you at all of the objects, pieces of furniture, food items, and clothes you see people wearing- most of those things will likely have spent time on a pallet at one point or another. Pallets are used every day all around the world to transport goods over long distances and have them delivered to your local stores and suppliers. There are two types of pallets used around the world- wooden and plastic pallets. Which is better? How do they compare? Keep reading to find out!

Wood Pallets

Wood pallets have been the classic pallet for decades, and they are still the most common pallet used around the world, but are they deserving of all the praise so many businesses and pallet enthusiasts give them? Let’s take a look.

The Pros:

·         Very cost effective, allowing those who use them to save money.

·         Very easy to repair, often just needing a nail there or a hammering here.

·         Easy to build, you can even build one yourself!

·         Are much better at holding large amounts of weight than plastic pallets.

·         Better for the environment seeing as they can be recycled easily due to the fact that they are made from natural resources.

·         Provide much better grip than plastic, meaning products will not slide around as much.

The Cons:

·         Can break easily and can also splinter, which can cause a potential safety hazard.

·         Their porous surface is much more vulnerable to infestations such as bugs and fungus.

·         Can be difficult to clean should the need to do so arise.

·         Absorb moisture easily which often causes the wood to become warped and makes the growth of mold much easier.

·         Often need to be heat-treated before being shipped to specific countries.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets boast a few advantages over wood pallets, making them the preferred choice for some companies, but their higher price is what has allowed wood pallets to consistently be more popular all through the years. Let’s check out the pros and cons of plastic pallets.

The Pros:

·         Very durable and long lasting, making the need to make repairs much lower.

·         Do not need to be heat-treated pre-shipment.

·         Are virtually bug and fungus-proof.

·         Weigh less than wood pallets, which can reduce shipping costs.

·         Weather resistant and much easier to clean.

·         Smooth material that is easy to handle and will never cause splinters.

The Cons:

·         Are more expensive, with upfront costs being as much as 3 times higher than what you can expect to pay for wooden pallets.

·         Difficult to repair, so they often need to be replaced entirely if broken.

·         A smooth surface means products are more likely to slide or shift.

·         Cannot bear as much weight as wood.

·         Can be recycled, but are not as eco-friendly as wood pallets seeing as they are made of man-made materials.

So there you have it, the pros and cons of both wood and plastic pallets. With this information you can more easily decide which type of pallet is going to be best for you. Happy pallet shopping!

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